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Co-Parenting classes 

Thank you for your interest in “Co-Parenting Kids Through Divorce” classes. We have successfully offered this eight hour, “in person” class since 2006.  However, since online classes were approved by the Minnesota Supreme Court, we have watched the number of participants in our “in person” class steadily decline. This has significantly impacted our program. Due to the expenses involved in renting classroom space, paying our facilitators, and running an office, it is not feasible to continue. We are no longer offering co-parenting classes. 

Thanks to all the court administrators, judges, and attorneys who have referred clients to us over the years.  We have greatly appreciated your support. Find out about our new class below!

We offer an extremely helpful class for those who are filing
their own divorce or custody action:

“Pro Se Divorce:  A Class for Self Represented Parties

This four hour workshop will provide participants with information on how to fill out the forms and understand the rules of filing their own divorce.  Facilitated by a licensed Family Law attorney with over 25 years experience, all your questions about the process will be answered and you will take away a clear understanding of what you need to do, so there are no surprises when you get to court.



We teach you how to Do It Yourself!  


Disclaimer:  This class is for those who don’t need, or can’t afford to pay for, an attorney.  The facilitator cannot provide specific legal advice on your particular case.  The class is general information only about the process of filing Pro Se. It is not intended to replace legal counsel.


Check it out at



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